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Manahel Thabet Phd

مناهل ثابت | Dr. Manahel Thabet


مناهل ثابت | Dr Manahel Thabet is ranked among the 30 Smartest people alive by SuperScholar and Brain of the Year Award Winner 2015-2016. In 2014 she was selected the AVICENNA award Laureate, as a successor to Professor Tony Buzan, given every year to those who present best practice in science, connecting East with West through science and knowledge. She also represents The Brain Trust Foundation as President of the MENA region, with one objective, which is to unlock and deploy the vast capacity of the human brain. Dr Thabet was granted the honor of being Freeman of the City of London.


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Smart Tips Consultants
The Gifted Academy
Vice Cancellor


Deputy Director


 مناهل ثابت |Dr Thabet has taught 1307 Female students and faculty members how to Mind Map in just thirty minutes. In a further two hours, in an epic feat of physical endurance and focused mental concentration, Dr Thabet scrutinised and corrected all 1307 Mind Maps in a mental power record that has never been created before. Dr. Thabet created a new World Record by correcting each mind map in less than 10 seconds. A record that was never challenged before.

The rise in brain disorders and mental illhealth is now receiving regular attention by the media
Disorders of brain development result in a lifelong loss of brain capacity. There has been a rise in mental ill-health especially amongst children. The work of the Institute is aimed at a better understanding of brain disorders and their prevention. There is no cure for a disorder during brain development. 

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